If it isn't measured it cannot

be managed and improved.


Providing products and services that enable our customers to reduce the resources required to calculate employee time and process payroll with time clock software

Company Profile 

Founded by James Rheinhart and Jerry Friedman in 1988, Time Data Systems continues to grow. Our customer base ranges from Fortune 500 companies with locations across the United States, Canada, and Mexico to local small businesses in every imaginable field of endeavor.  

Since 1988, Time Data Systems has been a leader in the evolution of our industry. Time and attendance software has evolved from the DOS based software of the 1980’s to highly developed, SQL-based, multi-user, interactive, fully web-enabled employee attendance systems capable of much more than simple time keeping. Time Data Systems remains in the forefront of technology in offering SaaS (Software as a Service) systems that have the power of traditionally installed systems without the initial cost or infrastructure requirements.

Selection of biometric, telephone, Web and PC based data collection payroll and Traditional badge terminals. As Time Data Systems embarks upon our third decade of business, we continue to renew our commitment to provide each of our customers with the very best in hardware, software and support for easy time trackingIn addition to traditional magnetic, barcode, and proximity badge technologies, we offer our customers a diverse

Why Time Data Systems?

  1. Consistent impartial enforcement of company payroll and HR policies.
  2. Reduction of time required to calculate employee time and payroll
  3. Elimination of errors
  4. Real time management information
  5. Compliance with the ever-changing complexities of the regulatory environment.  Family Medical Leave Act, Fair Labor Standard Act, Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.


"I have worked with Time Data Systems for over two years now and have been very pleased.  Timekeeping and scheduling are at the heart of my commercial janitorial business, and Time Data has been instrumental in managing our system.  They have a dedicated, knowledgeable team who deliver rapid, stable and professional support. "


"Recently it was an immense pleasure working with Time Data Systems during the transition of our timekeeping host computer.  I thought this was going to be a major hassle but the transition was seamless!"

"I appreciate the great experience and dedication you guys have as well as getting the job done quickly.  Keep up the good work! "


"Cafe Valley is a Phoenix, Arizona based specialty baker who came back to Time Data Systems for their time and attendance needs after almost a year with another nationally known time and attendance provider."

"The XXX System was difficult to use and we could never get any support.  In payroll that is critical.  Time Data's Software, Hardware, and People are top notch.  If we have a question, we get an answer in VERY short order.  I recommend Time Data to anyone looking to install or upgrade their system."

Sheri Maxwell
H.R. and Payroll Manager
Cafe Valley, Inc.


Data Collection

Our time clocks are internet-ready, allowing employee work times and transactions to be recorded and shared easily with Attendance on Demand. These HTTP-enabled time clocks communicate directly over the internet with our hosted time and attendance service. They do not require any software installation at your site.

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Traditionally Licensed Systems

Licensed Systems are purchased and owned by the customer. They are installed on the customer's servers and PC's. Time Data Systems has been selling, installing, and supporting licensed systems for over 20 years. If your company needs a traditional on site solution to Time and Attendance then you need to talk to us!

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Software As A Service

Advancements in technology have allowed us to offer the features of a licensed system in the form of a service. No software is installed at your site and you pay per employee per month. With flexible data collection options and low start up costs, customers of all sizes are realizing the advantages to this software model.

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Why You Should Choose Us

We are an industry leading software and hardware company with competitive pricing. We have 25 years in business providing the best time and attendance solutions to companies from 5 to 50,000 employees. Biometric, Proximity, PC, and Barcode Hardware to meet ANY collection requirement. We have a very experienced support staff. We have a dedicated staff to find the answer to your specific challenges.

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