If it isn't measured it cannot

be managed and improved.


Dashboards highlight important information, allowing you to easily drill down to take action.

Payroll Monitor

This dashboard gives payroll managers a holistic view of payroll, scheduling, and human resources information in a single screen. Each statistic is linked to more detail.

  • Critical issues, which need correction before payroll is exported, are highlighted.
  • Red warns of errors that must be fixed; yellow indicates that investigation may needed; green means payroll is ready to go.
  • The payroll export is initiated in one click.


             Critical issues are highlighted in red.

dashboard with critical highlight

          Items in yellow may need investigation.

dashboard with item to investigate

             Green means payroll is ready to go.

dashboard ready to go

          Payroll export is initiated with one click

dashboard with button to initiate payroll

Calendar Dashboard

The Calendar Dashboard provides supervisors a snapshot of the most important attendance management issues in their area.

  • Check the number of schedules to see if it is adequate for labor coverage.
  • Call in replacements for absent employees.
  • Review leave requests.
  • Clear any critical exceptions from the previous day.

calendar dashboard


Data Collection

Our time clocks are internet-ready, allowing employee work times and transactions to be recorded and shared easily with Attendance on Demand. These HTTP-enabled time clocks communicate directly over the internet with our hosted time and attendance service. They do not require any software installation at your site.

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Traditionally Licensed Systems

Licensed Systems are purchased and owned by the customer. They are installed on the customer's servers and PC's. Time Data Systems has been selling, installing, and supporting licensed systems for over 20 years. If your company needs a traditional on site solution to Time and Attendance then you need to talk to us!

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Software As A Service

Advancements in technology have allowed us to offer the features of a licensed system in the form of a service. No software is installed at your site and you pay per employee per month. With flexible data collection options and low start up costs, customers of all sizes are realizing the advantages to this software model.

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Why You Should Choose Us

We are an industry leading software and hardware company with competitive pricing. We have 25 years in business providing the best time and attendance solutions to companies from 5 to 50,000 employees. Biometric, Proximity, PC, and Barcode Hardware to meet ANY collection requirement. We have a very experienced support staff. We have a dedicated staff to find the answer to your specific challenges.

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